John Cage Memorial Concert

a farewell tribute to John Cage

September 5 1992, Fort Mason, San Francisco

realized and directed by Randall Packer, co-produced by Belén García-Alvarado

Dedicated to John Cage who died just three weeks before, the Cage Memorial was an 8-hour performance marathon and walk-through installation including over 50 musicians, composers, performers and visual artists. This multimedia performance collage embraced the wide range of John Cage's prolific art, including musical, performance, text, visual and electronic media works.

Among the many composers and artists performing were Charles Amirkhanian, Pamela Z, K. Atchley, Michael Peppe, Charles Boone, Charles Shere, William Winant, Chris Brown, Mark Trayle, Peter Josheff, Donald Swearingen, and Traci Robinson.