Music Theater by Karlheinz Stockhausen

May 3, 4, 5 1990, Theater Artaud

realized and directed by Randall Packer

performed by Don Baker, Ed Herrmann, Hitomi Ikuma, Barney Jones, Paula Levine, bill Maginnis, Chris Maher, Jan Martin-Risk, Milena, Michael Orland, Randall Packer, Michael Peppe, Jim Quinn, Henry Steele, Pamela Z, Richard Zvonar and Lisa Apfelburg, Steve Rickstrew, Elena Rivera, Diane Robinson, Tracy Robinson

Originale is a musical composition. The macrorhythm of scene continuity and the ordering of moments are musical. The individual scenes are composed musically, regardless of whether or not there is any 'music' in them. The verbal counterpart is musical, as are the 'monodic' word melodies and the polyphony of speaking voices.

The proceedings are senseless as long as one is associating sense with causality and logic. But they stand in relationship with an overall artistic reality. Their interrelations lie between reality and non-reality, between relatedness and contrast, in quite different dimensions, together forming a new unity.

The organization of the course of events is of a dynamic and rhythmic order. It leaves a lot of scope for the actors' individual interpretations and takes into account the spectators who invariably participate with vocal interruptions. Thus each performance is a 'first performance'; the 'composition' is a show that is started afresh every evening.

The tendency seems to be towards a new form that will efface the cruder contrasts between the concert hall and the theater. The articulation, the differentiation, the variation of density - all these correspond to the interweaving of the various art forms.

– Karl Woëner