Intermedia Workshop
Integrated Media Project

  1. The first project is an opportunity to explore the collaborative process, keep the projects simple and doable in four weeks.
  2. Integrated media - The underlying concept of the workshop is to explore the relationship between sound, image, +? through collaboration between musicians, visual artists, filmmakers, scientists, and other disciplines. We have been looking at many examples of integrated media, in which the various sound and visual elements are combined into a single work. This requires a unifying idea, or set of ideas, that relate the two together, such that there is a conceptual framework that bridges the two distinct worlds of sound, visual media and other elements of scientific, historical, philosophical origin.
  3. Each team member will come into the group with very different experience, approaches, and ideas. It is your objective in the integrated media project to learn how to synthesize your ideas into a single concept that breaks down into its constituent parts that can be realized by each collaborator. This is perhaps the most challenging notion: how to create a piece that is multi-perspectival, that is, represents the unique view of each artist working on the project, but still operates as a single, integrated work, that represents the team's perceptive as a whole.
  4. The only requirement is that you integrate multiple media and document your project with the following:
    1. project narrative (including software and hardware requirements) (due 2.15)
    2. storyboard (in whatever form is appropriate to the project), outlining narrative or sequence of events (due 2.22)
    3. technical diagram (system chart) (due 2.22)
    4. physical layout (if the project requires physical space) (due 2.22)
    5. interface sketches (if the project has a software interface) (due 2.22)
    6. flow chart (if the project requires virtual navigation). (due 2.22)
  5. You can distribute these various tasks in your group.
  6. On 3/1, we will have critique and demonstration of the work in prototypical form. Make sure you are prepared to show the work by insuring that all the technical issues have been thought through. Also be prepared to talk about your working process, how you synthesized your ideas, altered them according to the input of each individual, in order to arrive at a final result.