"I am a revolutionary so my son can be a poet." – Thomas Jefferson

Future of Democracy
according to Abe Golam

In these post-apocalyptic times, which now supercede the post-modern in the post-9/11 21st century, we are redefining the role of the artist as a mediator and political player whose reflections, ideas, sensibilities, and abilities take significant action on the world stage. We see this as a way of moving toward a totally wired, out of control system of knowledge-potential slamming into your wanting-it body until it gives in.

PolyVocal Remix

"If you could derange your sense of narrative convenience and remix a totally other kind of rhetorical environment, how would you navigate through?" - Abe Golam

In PolyVocal Remix, Abe Golam (aka Mark Amerika, Under Secretary for the Freedom of Speech of the US Department of Art & Technology) delivers stream-of-consciousness prognostications on the condition of humanity. Abe is many things at once: a chameleon candidate, whose rhetorical subterfuge challenges all current political thought; a set of transmutating "altered" egos; and a post Max Headroom Mutant Ninja Sex Machine who feels like a political Virgin, "touched for the very first time."

Abe Golam has had enough. He can no longer stomach the current world situation, the manipulation, the distortion of reality, and the dissolution of self amidst the "mediacracy" of our times, the hypocrisy of our leaders, and a nation blinded by patriotism. He is angry, he has thoughts of political transformation, perhaps even a run for presidency of the Experimental Party. This politically reborn avatar-activist has decided to change American political culture by remixing Government announcements, proclamations, speeches, and iconography, altering their current meaning as articulations and symbols of unbridled power, corruption and greed, and exploding them into passionate prognostications that call for reclaiming the spirit of experimentation and vision for the future of democracy.




"Well, you can't talk your way to a solution." – George W. Bush


"Under the banner of the Experimental Party we will recruit a candidate whose virtual identity is guaranteed to stir up controversy in the global computer networks, that "non-place" place where the true battle for democracy in America will be fought and won." – Abe Golam

From The Wisdom of Abe Golam

If you could stream a consciousness, what would it look like?

If you could embed a code, what would it sound like?

If you could dream a material reality, where would it take place?

If you could listen to the therapeutic energy fields of a particular color, what would it smell like?

Would it smell like a story that quenches your thirst?

Would it smell like a world composed only of liquid sand running through your endless, hour-glass fingers with no end in sight?

Would it smell like the end of time?

The beginning of timelessness?

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