Future Tense: Education in a Third Space

a net-broadcasted conversation between Tom Leeser & Randall Packer

Monday, November 18th, 7:30 – 8:30 pm PST / 10:30 – 11:30 pm EST

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This net-broadcasted conversation between Tom Leeser & Randall Packer will raise questions concerning the future of arts education: how creative action, production, exhibition and research are conducted via the network. The conversation will explore the Open Source Studio project and the concept of the third space: the integration of the local and the remote where the study and practice of studio art is conducted and reframed in the virtual environment. What happens when you transgress the boundaries of physical space: opening education to multiple time zones, countries, cultures, practices and perspectives through the online medium?

Nathan Ruyle and Sara Roberts of the California Institute of the Arts will participate as guest respondents. We invite the audience to join the conversation through live chat.

This event is part of the Future’s Project at the Centre for Living Arts:

In association with the John Hopkins University Museum Studies Program:

Presented by the CalArts Integrated Media Program: