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“What is Time? A mystery, a figment – and all-powerful. It conditions the exterior world, it is motion married to and mingled with the existence of bodies in space, and with the motion of these.” – Thomas Mann

Deborah Slater performing in Arches; Theater Artaud, San Francisco; July, 1991

With Arches, we resurrected the ancient labyrinth model to provide the setting for a pilgrimage, a search for the ‘Center’ through the circuitous corridors of 20th century modernist thought. Two pilgrims proceed through this complex landscape, a maze which takes them on an unimaginable journey to an inevitable destination. Through the efforts of our collaborative team, a group of independent individuals who have contributed both similar and disparate points of view, we have constructed our own mythology; a series of ‘scenes’ or ‘vignettes’ which add up to a kind of microcosm of a life with all the inherent complexities, revelations, wrong-turns, and contradictions.

Performed by Judith Bettina (soprano) and Deborah Slater (dancer). Created in collaboration with Judith Bettina, Deborah Slater (choreography, Larry Neff (lighting), Alessandro Moruzzi (set design), Sigi Torinus (visual design), Diane Robinson (stage director), and Richard Zvonar (live electronics).



Excerpt from Arches, in a scene with Deborah Slater (dancer) as soloist. Performed at Theater Artaud in San Francisco, May 3-5, 1990. Video editing and production by Sigi Torinus.

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