A Season in Hell

 Music Theater / Media Installation

“Here are men’s memories and the ruins of their beliefs.” – Jean Cocteau

Charles Lane as Orf in A Season in Hell

About A Season in Hell

A Season in Hell is a historical portrait of political and social turmoil in the post-9/11 era, a hallucinatory spectacle of America as a vision of Hell. The multimedia performance work chronicles a journey through America as told by the artist and his doppelganger, the rogue government official: Secretary-at-Large of the virtual government agency, US Department of Art & Technology. The title of the work is borrowed from Arthur Rimbaud’s 19-century farewell poem, A Season in Hell, to support the artist’s struggle to confront the deterioration of humanity. A Season in Hell draws from additional literary influences including Dante’s Inferno, the legend of Orpheus, the apocalyptic paintings of Hieronymus Bosch and William Blake, and the gonzo journalism of Hunter S. Thompson. These sources provide the basis for a contemporary depiction of the Underworld of America, a world rendered from the tumultuous political era of the George W. Bush Administration.

Archived Project Website: https://www.zakros.com/season

Storyboard: The Chronicles of the Secretary-at-Large

Theatrical Work: A Season in Hell

Performed at the San Jose Stage as part of the 2010 ZERO1 Biennial.


Desert Requiem

Orf descends to the bottom of the Underworld of America, Death Valley, where he performs the Requiem and completes the journey.



Stage Performance





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