Telematic Manifesto

Net Art

“A future collective society is the only possible basis for the full development of our creative life.” – Ma Group

Telematic Manifesto, ZKM Net_Condition, September 1999 – February 2000

About the Telematic Manifesto

The Telematic Manifesto is a participatory, collectively-generated Net Document that articulates a vision for the future of Telematic Art as a socio-cultural force in the 21st Century. This project investigates Telematic Art at the turn of the millennium as the synthesis of art, culture, and global telecommunications, and its promise for a revitalized artistic expression resulting from an inherent interconnectedness catalyzing aesthetic, technological, philosophical, and cultural transformation. The Telematic Manifesto recontextualizes the ideologies and ambitions of aborted avant-garde movements whose efforts to bring about artistic, cultural, and political change through collective action – from the Italian Futurists to the Surrealists, from the International Faction of Constructivists to Fluxus – lay dormant as unfinished business at the close of the 20th Century.

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