Intermedia Studio

“Intermedium, an uncharted land that lies between collage, music, and the theater… each work determines its own medium and form according to its needs.”. – Dick Higgins

Students connected to a brain wave monitoring system controlling the processing of sound and image.

About Intermedia Studio

InterMedia Studio was an experimental course offered jointly by the Maryland Institute College of Art from 2001 – 2004, the Digital Media Center and the Film Program of Johns Hopkins University, and the Computer Music Department of the Peabody Conservatory of Music. The Studio was intended to encourage collaboration among student composers, performers, filmmakers, engineers, and artists at MICA, Johns Hopkins, and Peabody in a team environment, and to engage students in the investigation of a range of interdisciplinary multimedia projects, including networked, live performance, electronic theater, installation, video, and animation. The Studio was envisioned as an ongoing structure to bring music, visual arts and students of scientific disciplines together from MICA, Johns Hopkins and Peabody, to promote and facilitate the creation of intermedia art, and to further explore shared resources, joint research, and exhibition/performance opportunities.